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Get your complex, engineered or technology-driven product, service or company into the winners circle more predictably and more often by bridging the gap between perceived need and profitable demand.

Who or what is setting the pace for your success?

Your Benefits


The Most Agile Advisory.

Agile advisory means that our teams pivot quickly to effectively anticipate and place you ahead of the competition. You deliver the product or service the market wants, you market better for greater opportunity, achieving more sales success and capture more customer spend.*



Testing and actualizing ideas.


10-30% LESS

On project execution costs.


20-30% MORE

Increase in project impact.



See things differently.

Go beyond the status quo with updated assumptions, proven strategies, accurate product and service validation, effective sales and marketing activities and superior customer experiences.

Go Beyond the Ordinary

Fully integrate current market data, voice of the customer surveys, industry and competitor analysis and perspectives based on decades of experience in creating high-growth outcomes.


Build New Capabilities & Rhythms

Deploy modern, integrated tools for insight, data-driven decision making, integration of strategies, alignment of resources and to deliver agile, real-time value propositions, messages and campaigns.

Deliver Extraordinary Experiences

Update processes and communication to accelerate time to market, improve marketing and sales performance, reduce complexity, lower cost and to created memorable customer experiences maximize customer wallet capture.


Grow Agility & Transparency

Eliminate opportunity robbing and expensive sales and marketing stovepipes.

Bring together the strength of product, marketing, sales and partnership development to harness the power of the business and predictably achieve your growth objectives.

Our comprehensive and end-to-end approach, proven success experience and unique process makes this happen.

What we do best


Afterburner.Group solutions and services put clients in the winner’s circle by connecting technology or engineered products, services, businesses and brands to profitable and sustainable demand.

It’s about your growth. It’s this simple.


Our clients sell more stuff, more often, to more people for more money.

Product Engagement

Ensuring the right, profitable product and service that the market is willing to pay for.

Sales Engagement

Eliminating barriers to sales effectiveness and achievement of business revenue goals.

Market Engagment

Enabling brands and value propositions for faster and more qualified sales opportunity.

Customer Engagement

Keeping customers coming back and loyal through outstanding journeys and experiences.

Bringing Inspiration to Everything


Afterburner.Group was an early adopter of AI technology. We use AI as a force multiplier in business, product, service, marketing, sales, and customer experiences—across strategy, process, creativity, marketing, measurement, and continuous improvement.

In our world AI = Artificial Inspiration!


Inspire your strategy, marketing, execution, and business value growth.



Process, experience and skill-based solutions and services that improve marketing every time in a manner that avoids unnecessary surprises.


A market tested and proven toolset that finds, validates and harnesses value to capture new, and often hidden, opportunity.


On-demand technical marketing leadership and resources that drive sustainable opportunity while protecting value and reputation.


Uncover unknown or latent product, service, business or brand value. Cross connect new value to old in an innovative manner.



Customer Centricity

increase in customer satisfaction through teams with end-to-end customer missions.


Operational Performance

improvement in selected marketing and sales processes by removing obstacles and driving continuous improvement.



increase in speed in driving change and decision making through more simplified operating models.



ranking among peers in driving innovation across products, markets, operational process and customer retention.



percentage point increase in employee engagement through autonomy and purpose in role and activities.



increase in efficiency through lower redundancy, reduced overhead and focused alignment to activities that grow value.

*Average actual client benefits. Your benefits may vary as each project is unique.


Optimism and Collaboration

Collaboration and optimism are needed now more than ever. Our best-in-class experts lead and work alongside your resources to help from start to finish. Our success is partially based on your ability to carry on without us.

End-to-End Capability

Our broad and proven experience across industries, company size and maturity stage, products and service lifecyles and marketing and sales means we can work exactly where you need us.

Simplicity and Ease

We believe innovative and cutting-edge success isn’t complicated. And the process shouldn’t be either. Simplicity drives what we do, ensuring all stakeholders are at ease as they navigate through their journeys.

Discretion and Care

We’re finicky and respect your reputation. We’re selective in the experts we work with, the projects we engage in and how we build success. Your reputation is our reputation.

Fast and Accurate

Our years of combined experience helps us swiftly get to the heart of the matter, solve problems more quickly and achieving new impact and success faster. Most projects are 90-days or less from start to measurable impact.

Lean and Agile

We focus our organization, energy and finances on our client’s success. No fancy offices or bloated org charts here. As a result we’re agile and able to quickly adapt to changing client or market need.

Rigorous Focus

We stay in our swimming lane. We know what we’re good at. So we focus on companies and projects with complex, technical or engineered products and services (we’re not a business-to-consumer company).

No "Uh, oh" Moments

We thrive in an open, transparent and accountable environment. We communicate clearly and manage ourselves to strict timelines, process maps and shared goals.

Excellence and Humility

We know that it’s hard to find a good, trusted partner. Making our clients shine is our priority. So, we work hard for our client’s success, engagement satisfaction and ability to achieve their business goals. And, hopefully, bring the best project experience you’ve ever had.

Be Your Next Success

We’re looking forward to a project with you. Contact us and let’s start discovering new and innovative ways to drive revenue and business value growth.

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We are the leader in connecting complex, technology and engineered products, services, companies and brands to sustainable profitable demand.

If you're looking for growth, let's make it happen.


See things differently to create new opportunity and grow business value.