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Uniquely qualified and experts in bridging the gap between perceived need and profitable demand.

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The leader in turning ideas into profitable business.

Afterburner.Group is a collection of deeply experienced and proven practitioners with a rich history of turning complex and engineered product, service, technology, business, market and customer ideas into profitable and sustainable results.

We do this for mid-market companies and large enterprises.

We accelerate value realization from great ideas seeking new markets and sustainable revenue.



Afterburner.Group is all about the discovery, validation, packaging, positioning, branding, marketing and selling complex and technology-driven products and services to new and existing markets.

Only 2% of today’s businesses are equipped to meet the demands of successfully bringing technology to market.


We help businesses become one of the 2% leaders.



Afterburner.Group has perfected the “art of technology marketing.”

Unlike traditional marketing organizations, we’re experts in pulling out unseen or untapped value, nuanced advantage, derivative opportunity and making the complex seem simple and easy to understand and choose.

Nobody else does this.


We’re masters at the art of technical marketing so you don’t have to be.

Who We’ve Worked With


Afterburner.Group was re-founded in 2003 on roots that go back to the mid-1990s. Since that time the Afterburner.Group has worked with the coolest technology-driven companies and most engaging leaders across numerous industries, and locations, to become a growth agent for companies with complex challenges around bringing technology services and products to market. We have “been there, done that.”

Paul Barker


Visionary, strategist, a leader of people and organizations, a master at growing value for engineered and technical products, services, markets and businesses.

Mentor, advisor and board member/chair for business and non-profit organizations and their leaders in the best ways to lead, grow value and realize their desired objectives.

A high-tech refugee and founder, grower and monetizer of several of his own businesses.

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We are the leader in connecting complex, technology and engineered products, services, companies and brands to sustainable profitable demand.

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