Enabling Growth As You Need It.


Making growth easier through three ways we deliver value to our clients.

Engagement models to fit your business model

Marketing the way you always wanted it to be.

Afterburner.Group has an engagement model that will fit your business model. You focus on your business, we focus on product/service, marketing, sales and customer engagement.

Our model is to enable your business to grow without us by leading, demonstrating and accomplishing great things alongside your existing team in short, bursty and high impact engagements.

We’re easy to work with through no-hassle engagement models that adapt to your unique needs, as you need them to.

A model for every need within every business

Fixed Fee

Budget and Outcome Predictability

Designed primarily around strategic project-oriented needs, we establish a tight scope, deliverables, outcomes and fees so there are no surprises.


A Growth Accelerant

Often used as a second phase, we operationalize your strategies and approved plans across a flexible scope of work in a monthly retainer format.


Marketing as a Service

When you’re looking to completely outsource strategic and tactical marketing on a long-term basis. You get the skill, resource, tools, experience and results you need.



Together we agree on a strategic or tactical growth-related challenge that needs to be overcome. You receive a crisp, clear statement of work outlining the exact tasks, timelines and fees associated with achieving your desired outcomes.

Most engagements have a 45-90-day duration from start to finish.


A predictable, no-surprises engagement model.



A supplement or outsourced technical marketing option. We work within your business alongside internal and external resources or independent as your marketing department. Collaborative requirements and outcomes determin the scope of activities, timelines, dependencies and monthly retainer fee structure. Retainers are rolling 90-day windows and are adjustable within rolling 30-day windows to meet urgent and unforeseen needs.


A fluid, adaptable, cost effective and high impact engagement option.



Sometimes you need a little muscle, skill or simply “oomph” to move your technology marketing initiatives moving foward in support of your growth goals.

Afterburner.Group has just the service for you. You scope, we deliver in a predictable and on-time, on-budget manner.


On-demand technical marketing without the hassle or commitment.

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