Enabling the Next Generation of Business Growth.

Why Us?

The Short Story

We create and accelerate growth.

Afterburner Group has a long, rich history of working with companies around the world to grow product, service, marketing, sales and business growth and value realization.

We’ve been doing this for over 30 years. It’s that simple.

We Are Where You Are


Afterburner Group has worked with clients all across North America, UK/Ireland, EU, ASEAN and ANZ.

We’re experienced in nuanced cultural differences that impact how products and services are evaluated and chosen, and how value is created.


We craft your story in  context where you want awareness, acceptance and revenue growth.


We're Business People

Each Afterburner.Group resource has run their own businesses or been a C-level title within some of the larges companies in North America, the EU and in Asia.

We're Technologists

Deep leadership from technical architectures, through development to market-ready products and services our resources know technology really well.


We're Futurists

We keep ahead of trends in buyer behaviors, experiences, technology, product, service, marketing and sales trends to see opportunity ahead of the rest.

We're Marketers

Our people, processes and methods are steeped in connecting value to markets in a manner that creates excitement, interest, adoption and repurchase.

We're Growth Driven

We like growth in your company and ours. We do what it takes to increase product, service and company revenue while growing brand value.

We're Focused

You’re goals and priorites are ours. Your satisfaction and project success define our success. And we don’t stray away from what we do best so you get our best.


We're Quick & Effective

We drive to fast, quantifiable strategies, plans, activities and processes that deliver to our client’s business objectives—often from idea to value in as little as 90 days.

We're Flexible & Scalable

You get what you need as you need it. Never over or under resourcing. We adapt to your objectives, workloads or requirement as an “on-demand” resource.

Going Beyond Customer Experience


Afterburner.Group gets beyond hunches, wobbly assumptions and tired customer experiences. We rely on the integration of information, intelligence and experiences to deliver an “intelligent experience” that sets you apart.


Anyone can deliver  customer experiences.

Make them extraordinary.

The Integrated Customer Experience


Bring together and express your value and benefit across the entire experience cycle through end-to-end marketing and selling integration.


Dazzle your customers and keep them coming back.

Who We’ve Worked With

Proven Growth Makers

Our people are all deeply talented, experienced, disciplined and proven leaders who are also great to work with.

Strategy, Trend, Industry, Technology, Business & Marketing Leader.
30+ years.

Technology Leader, Product Marketer, Sales Accelerator.
25+ years.

Deep Thinker, Project, Process and Technology Leader.
20+ years.

Innovator, Campaign Guru, Process Champion, Graphics.
15+ years.

Research Guru, Analytics Expert, Digital Marketing.
18+ years.

Find Your Next Success

We’re looking forward to a project with you. Contact us and let’s start discovering new, innovative ways to drive revenue and business value growth.

Why consider us?

We are the leader in connecting complex, technology and engineered products, services, companies and brands to sustainable profitable demand.

If you're looking for growth, let's make it happen.


See things differently to create new opportunity and grow business value.