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Leading client success in accelerated growth efficiency, delivery and return.

A Growth and Connection Engine

Growth options to match your goals.

Afterburner.Group works in close cooperation with you at each stage of work. This allows us to create bespoke growth options and solutions that are suited to your needs and aligned with your objectives.

We develop strategies, plans, activities and solutions that boost your business growth and value.

The Basic Building Blocks to Every Project


Process, experience and skill-based solutions and services that improve marketing every time in a manner that avoids unnecessary surprises

Insight & Innovation

A market tested and proven toolset that finds, validates and harnesses value to capture new, and often hidden, opportunity.


On-demand marketing leadership and resources that drive sustainable opportunity while protecting value and reputation.


Uncover unknown or latent product, service, business or brand value. Cross-connect new value to old in an innovative manner.



Create or transform demand predictability with customer and market driven:

  • Value Propositions
  • Competitive Product, Service or Business Positioning
  • Persona Creation, Validation, Mapping and Messaging
  • Packaging, Brand and Identity
  • Strategic and Tactical Marketing Plans and Activities
  • Campaign Planning and Activities
  • Digital Integration and Metric Workflows
  • Communication and Retouch Strategies
  • Marketing and Sales Enablement


This is all about having marketing impact out-performance.



Comprehensive insights lead to better, more predictable outcomes:

  • Customer: Voice of the Customer and Tested Experiences
  • Market: Demand, Competitive, Trands, Thought
  • Product/Service: Competitive Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Persona: Who, What, Why, How and Experiences
  • Performance: ROMI, Message and Campaigns
  • Partner: Coordination, Co-Investment, Integration
  • Digital: Integration, Effectiveness, Measurement
  • Brand: Value Assessment, Contribution, Integration


Have the correct assumptions and roadmap for sticky experiences.



Obtain the best in proven technical business, product, service and brand leadership through the Chief Technical Marketing Officer solution:

  • Strategies: Market, Product, Service and Business
  • Experience: Local to Global, Startup to G100
  • Skill: Technical and Business Marketing
  • Thought: Knowing and Defining a New Future
  • Categories: Creating New Categories for Your Product
  • Mentoring: Personal, Organization and Company
  • “Cold Eye” Perspectives: Seeing the Unseen
  • Resources: Scaling to the Point of Your Need


Scalability and flexibility to meet your budget.

Experience to hit your goals.

Continuum of Value


Discovering and packaging unseen or latent benefit for higher monetizable value to:

  • Technical, Engineered or Complex Product and Services
  • Existing and New Markets
  • Customers & Personas
  • Business Brands and Operating Units
  • Existing or New Key, Valued Partnerships
  • Important Stakeholders
  • Investors
  • Acquisition Targets


Expanding your story to capture more value.

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