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Technology Marketing as a Service

On demand marketing “oomph.”

We realize that every organization has a need for a little bit of extra help from time to time. Or, they may wish to completely outsource a part or all of their marketing efforts.

Afterburner.Group accelerates getting you to your growth goals.

Technology marketing made easy. No hassle. No long-term commitment.



Simply put you get more done, more quickly as we work alongside your team in parallel ensuring that all your priorities are worked and completed.


Because you hire us for a specific set of activities or project, we don’t get distracted by the ongoing business issues. And your resources stay focused on your priorities.


Because we’ve worked with hundreds of companies across thousands of projects our knowledge speeds up your deliverables, impact and growth.


Look at challenges or projects through a new set of eyes to bring fresh ideas and ways to increase your internal or external impact, brand, pipeline and customer experiences.


Deeply experienced, skilled and talented supplemental marketing personnel to compliment your existing team when they need it.

Best Practices

From the highest, most strategic level to individual tactical activities you get the benefit of best practices learned over three decades.


Proven disciplines, methodologies and approaches that get the task, activity, campaign or project done on-time and on-budget with no surprises.


We show up to the project with our own toolbox of technology that saves effort and cost while increasing cross-functional integration and marketplace impact.

Common Applications


Cold-eye reviews of existing efforts, recommendations for improvement and identification of new opportunity areas.


As supplemental energy to work alongside your team to get your marketing to the finish line supporting your growth goals.


Identifying, validating, packaging, launching and measuring effectiveness—from idea to opportunity.


Aligning, refreshing, integrating and increasing customer experiences—from technical foundation, to cross-channel connections and creative.


Connecting the dots and information within the organization to determine what your return on marketing investment really is.

PLEASE NOTE: We not a digital agency, a traditional marketing agency, experts in all aspects of social media or a B2C marketing company.

Where the Value Really Is


Filling skill, experience, method, technology or resource gaps within your organization.


Uncovering unseen opportunity in markets, with partners and customers.


Scalability and adaptability to need or requirement without long-term commitments.


Keeping projects on-schedule and on-budget, maintaining focus on achieving goals and keeping disruption to a minimum.

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