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Businesses everywhere know the value of teams working together to build the business and service the customers. Often, though, while it’s talked about there are few quick, succinct ways to communicate the principles of teamwork and quality.

In our work with hundreds and hundreds of clients, we’ve put together a handy “cheat sheet” to help you describe the two principles easily and effectively.


The customer has your check (payment).
It’s Easy to blame someone else. So, dont.
Admit when you’re wrong.
Manage your time wisely.
Work on delivering and being your best.
Operate with efficiency and effectiveness.
Realize what went wrong, fix it right the first time.
Keep finding ways to improve and add value.


Quality producgs and services are a high priority.
Understand the end user or customer.
You have Approval to solve the problem. Do it.
Lack of communication must always be avoided.
Improve product and service delivery every day.
Take the time to do things right the first time.
Your high standards will satisfy the customer.

The Afterburner Group has been operating with these principles for over 25 years. We build these into every project and every client experience.

If you think that your organization or company could use a refresher on teamwork or quality customer experiences, fill out the contact form below and we’ll explore options.

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