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Artificial intelligence. Deep learning. Machine learning. It’s here and it’s for marketers.

If you’re not implementing AI in marketing you may be falling behind your competitors and find yourself unable to meet your customer requirements.

AI has much to offer marketers right now. Consider the following:

1. Speed Response. Customer want immediate feedback and engagement. Too often, though, marketing imposes “carbon-based” (human) components into the process—leading to delay and mistakes. AI brings about the ability to “read the requirement” and respond appropriately with greater speed and accuracy than ever before.

2. Adaptability. Customers want hear from you and do business on their terms. AI allows for communication, messaging, offer presentation, pricing, packaging and delivery channel adaptation to the customer’s desire. This frees your business to meet the customer at the point of their need instead of asking them to adapt to you.

3. Segmentation. AI allows marketers to significantly increase their segmentation accuracy, leading to greater interaction and higher stickiness. AI can drive the right message, to the right audience, at the right time while adapting “on the fly” to new information through learning new attribute, need or requirement along the customer journey.

4. Automation. Marketers haven’t been ignoring automation, we just haven’t been going far enough. AI brings together and harnesses the power of all the varied marketing tools and platforms by adding intelligence to marketing process, information, metrics and improvement.

5. Search. Customers want information, right now. They want to find the exact information they need to decide, in the fewest possible steps. AI brings new levels of search integration across every data type (including voice, video, imagery, process, interaction), learning to present exactly what is needed each step and shortening the journey from inquiry to decision.

6. Better interaction. With the wide range of available choices, getting prospects and customers to engage and remain engaged is hard. AI creates a fluid interaction environment as it adapts to incoming stimulus, redirecting to the appropriate response. This keeps people engaged, reducing churn away from you.

7. Organic SEO. SEO is tricky. Just when a business thinks that it has it figured out, the rules change or customers seek out new phrases or ideas. AI is a natural tool to having fluid, quickly adapted and coded SEO content without human intervention. Future SEO is optimized based on past and recent machine and deep learning—no matter the context, culture or language.

8. Adaptable customer experiences. From search through purchase, AI and machine learning allows each customer experience to vary according to their requirements or needs. This drives interest, evaluation and decisions faster while increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

9. Better customer journeys. Not every customer assesses and decides in the same way or on the same platform. Imagine being able to create customer journeys that traverse platforms, tools, processes and methods—driven by the customer’s last action. Quickly and accurately “retool” the customer journey based on the customer input…at the speed of interaction. That’s AI in marketing.

10. Measurements and metrics. Accurate insight drives better decisions. The problem is one of “truth,” especially in a cross-platform, multiple-technology environment. AI and machine learning are tools that reduce and eliminate “false truth” within information, process and interaction to bring deep, meaningful and actionable insights. Oh, and the insights can drive machine-driven recoding of targeting, messaging, customer experiences and journeys and decisions. Nice.

11. Finding opportunity. The human brain can’t absorb, connect and create sense out of the mountains of information contained in modern marketing technology. Nor can people respond to stimuli at the speed of light. In the information nuance and greater response speed is opportunity. Marketers can use AI as an “opportunity miner” (finding nuanced, real opportunity) and as the “opportunity harvester” (creating and delivering the new segmentation, customer experience and journey) to competitive advantage and revenue.

12. Better investment. Accurately aligning marketing budgets for maximum performance has always been a bit of a challenge. AI can become the “business analyst” that directs spend to exactly where the highest performance and impact can be achieved. This reduces (and perhaps could eliminate) wasted dollars, time and energy going after low performing marketing. Imagine sitting in the boardroom accurately presenting how every dollar turned into high-performance interactions, sales and profitability. It can be done.

What are you doing with AI in your marketing efforts? Your company’s future may be at stake.

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