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What Approach is Best?

What is your approach to marketing and selling to your prospects and customers? It’s a tough question, often left unanswered within many businesses.

Attacking the market with the wrong approach leads to uncoordinated efforts, over-investment in marketing and sales and poor revenue growth. Alternatively, having the right approach accelerates marketing and sales impact, increases investment return and grows the value of the business.

You’re in control of your future.You get to choose your approach.

Take a look at the two following approaches and determine which one is best suited for your business, market, and customers. Which will you choose?


A. Internally Driven: (“Build it and they will come” approach)


B. Externally Driven: (“Address known, understood and validated need” approach)


In today’s markets, businesses that focus on externally-driven approaches define their value proposition, and build and innovate to such become leaders in their respective industries.  Businesses that rely upon the ‘status quo’ or simply invest into known competencies tend to lag behind leaders.

Markets belong to innovators and those that are deeply connected with the market and customers.  The best innovation happens when there is deep, well understood, and validated insight that leads to new value propositions that differentiate and solve customer problems in unique ways that eliminate the competition at every turn.

The Afterburner Group has been leading companies in the technology, energy, services, manufacturing and non-profit industries, for over 25 years, to new and innovative approaches to the market that build business value.

If you think that your market approach suffering or could benefit from an assessment and refresh, fill out the contact form below and we’ll let you know what that might look like and how you’d benefit.

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